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Last Update 14th August 2014

14th Aug 2014 Added Marbled Rockcod Notothenia rossii
25th June 2014 Added Spotfin Lanternfish Symbolophorus boops
16th April 2014 Added New Zealand King Crab Paralomis zealandica.
12th Mar 2014 Added Orange Clingfish
3rd Feb 2014 Added Oilfish and Convict grouper
2nd Feb 2014 Added Smooth skate
1st Feb 2014 Added Slender tuna
31 Jan 2014 Added Mediterranean dealfish and Hime sp.
30th Jan 2014 Added Toadstool grouper and Chlorophthalmus spB new photos from Whangaroa.
27th Jan 2014 Added Hector's lanternfish
26th Jan 2014 Added Large flyingfish photos
25th Jan 2014 Added Ray's bream new photos
24th Jan 2014 Added Saury from Whangaroa
23rd Jan 2014 Added New photo at Spiny sea dragon
21st Jan 2014 Added Greater Amberjack from Whangaroa

5th Feb 08@Added Max size and Depth range to SaltWater
23rd Jan 08@You can see expanded map when click the distribution map.
1st Jan 08@ WEB New Zealand Fish Guide OPEN

at the moment: NZ Salt Water 229 species,@NZ Fresh Water 26 species

Greetings everyone. This site is managed by me, Kenichi Miyamoto. I live in Auckland city of North Island of New Zealand. The main purpose of this site is to introduce gFish I have encountered through fishingh, gFish I have caught with trapsh, and gFish I have bought form fish marketsh.
I am sure many people have interest in fishes that inhabit in New Zealand and the reason of creating this site is to offer information to those people.
Fishes that appear in this sites are mainly gFish that inhabits in New Zeleandh, furthermore, gFishes that are imported through trade from Oceania oceanh. Basically, the fishes are those that I have encountered and I am not necessarily trying to cover the entire kinds of fish that inhabits in New Zealand. My business is running Japanese Yakitori Restaurant and I am not a professor nor a professional researcher of fishes. Therefore you may encounter some errors in this site, but I will gain my information by using many reference and materials to maintain good accuracy in the information that I provide. Also you have to be aware that some fish kinds, especially Tripterygiidae and Gobiidae where over 2100 types exits in the world, are very difficult to indentify and are still tentative. Regarding the identification methods of the fishes please refer to gAbout NZkenh.
If you encounter any query or error it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact me.
Also, photographes that appear in this site involved great amount of time in their production where I took great care for every single shot, so I would kindly decline any usage of them for your purpose without gaining my permission.

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